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This deodorant-like tube is the most convenient way to cleanse while on-the-go. Didn’t know the presence of cleansing sticks until I came across Schorl calendula cleansing stick. It’s pretty handy if you travel a lot or would like to clean your face after your gym session. Not only it’s easy to use, it smells good too. But it would be great if we could have other scents (eg: green tea, charcoal, etc) or types (for eg: scrub, skin care products in stick forms) in the future.


Schorl Calendula Cleansing Stick

Schorl 的cleansing stick质地和一般的洗脸霜或肥皂都不一样,比肥皂来的软却又比洗脸霜硬(试过就知道我说的是什么感觉)。温和的配方而且是用天然成份制成,能减少皮肤的负担,敏感肌也能用。最重要是洗完脸不会干,加入金盏花成份能过消炎、镇定皮肤.


Absolutely loving this product because it leaves my face looking fresh, clean and smooth every time I use it. And it’s very convenient to carry around , that’s a definite plus point. Hopefully there’ll be more choices of different scent available in the future.


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