If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.

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To me, it will be chilling with friends at this quaint little cafe which is not too crowded, with jazzy cafe music playing at the background. Golden yellow rays of sunlight shining in from the window, we were talking, laughing

“最近用的保养品都是黄色的😍 Schorl 的cleansing stick质地和一般的洗脸霜或肥皂都不一样,比肥皂来的软却又比洗脸霜硬(试过就知道我说的是什么感觉)。温和的配方而且是用天然成份制成,能减少皮肤的负担,敏感肌也能用。最重要是洗完脸不会干,加入金盏花成份能过消炎、镇定皮肤(这广告是不是打的很专业啊?哈哈哈哈) COSRX 코스알엑스 的propolis light ampule 和ultimate moisturizing honey overnight mask也要大力推荐一下,低价格买到高品质的产品,小资女的福音。滋润度非常好,没有黏腻的感觉,用完之后上妆都没有问题。 至于honey ceramide full moisture cream 的滋润和保水效果就没有很好。” #skincareroutine #schorlcleansingstick #schorlmy #cosrx #innisfree

Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. ✨ Yes, I travel a lot and recently I’ve tried out the latest product from @schorl.my which made from a combination of natural ingredients including Calendula, Canadian Willow Flower Extract and

每次只需要少许就可以洁脸了。洁脸后不会感到紧绷或是冒出痘痘[试用期间都是在冬天国家,个人的肌肤还蛮喜欢 Schorl Calendula Cleansing Stick] Read More

相比起先前所用的香茅香皂,我能明显的区分两者之间的差别。Schorl家的香皂更为滋润保湿些,梳洗后肌肤不会有紧绷的感觉,这点也获得我家老公的认同。 Read More