If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.

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Freda Foong

每次只需要少许就可以洁脸了。洁脸后不会感到紧绷或是冒出痘痘[试用期间都是在冬天国家,个人的肌肤还蛮喜欢 Schorl Calendula Cleansing Stick]


我的试用体验是金盏花洗颜棒不会刺激皮肤,而且舒缓痘痘肌的效果有明显。那些日子下巴长了好些敏感痘,红痒又脱皮,可恶的是左边消了右边鼓起来,是一种循环性的爆痘期。 我确定不是我的心理作用,使用了洗颜棒两三天肤况有稍微修复,敏感痘也比平时沉得快。最难的是停止了可怕的循环性爆痘,前些日子的问题似乎被控制住了,还真的有让我小开心了一下下。

Audrey Foo (Twenty Two - When2Meets2)



I think this product is worth sharing with you guys because it is truly a “real soap” for the skin. What I meant here is the type of soap that nourishes the body without containing any harsh chemicals, fragrances, colors, additives etc.

Rane Chin

Both Schorl soap bars are lightly scented, and are easy to foam/lather up when add water. They are great in conditioning my skin, my skin feels clean, soft and smooth after cleansing off with water. I simply love my blissful experience with Schorl soap bars.

Alyia Bubbles 아리아